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Michael Bonaventure - the organ of Coventry Cathedral


[1] Nicholas O’Neill: Dum Committeret Bellum 5:25

[2] Ian McQueen: Northwestern Light 4:31

Yumi Hara Cawkwell: Hibernal
[3] Climbing up the frozen waterfall 1:40
[4] Light of the distant sun 2:16
[5] Frost 2:22

[6] Huw Morgan: Lullaby 3:55

[7] Timothy Salter: Fantasy 7:59

[8] Glyn Perrin: Sigma Lambda 14:40

[9] Huw Morgan: Epiphanaea 6:41

[10] Michael Bonaventure: Rondeau 5:18

Huw Morgan: Cofion Cynnes am Davies
[11] The boy on the high stool 2:56
[12] The loom turns… 2:02
[13] The barrow 1:01
[14] On this rock 1:45
[15] The old man in the moonlit cabbage patch 3:57

[16] David Bedford: Carillon 4:30


Here is an album to recommend for its playing, for its content, and for the organ – Coventry’s infrequently recorded Harrison and Harrison. Michael Bonaventure performs  the most difficult contemporary scores with technical confidence and musical commitment. The repertoire is wide ranging: the best- known name is probably David Bedford with a French-sounding Carillon to conclude the disc. The most substantial piece is Glyn Perrin’s Sigma Lambda: a 15 minute exploration of a single eight-note chord that hypnotically draws you into its ever-fluctuating sound world. Other composers include Timothy Salter (an exciting Fantasy that sounds extra-dramatic thanks to performer and instrument), Nicholas O’Neill, Ian McQueen, Yumi Hara Cawkwell and Bonaventure himself. Huw Morgan contributes a suite celebrating the life of schoolteacher James Davies and also a delightful, minimalist Lullaby that stayed haunting me long after listening to the whole CD. 

Judith Markwith  - Church Music Quarterly


Bonaventure's musicianship is admirable. Apart from massive experience and super technique, his concentration never falters ... His commitment to performing and establishing new works is impressive. Sound quality is very good: the recording copes admirably with a huge range of pitches, harmonics and dynamics. The CD booklet is attractive and informative.

www.musicwebinternational.com, Sept 2011