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Lauren Redhead - Organ

Alistair Zaldua - Live Electronics




Diapason: New Music for Organ and Electronics presents music that has been commissioned and curated by Lauren Redhead from 2010-2014. In 2014 she, and Alistair Zaldua, toured a programme of music, co-produced by Sound and Music, for Organ+Electronics in the UK. This CD presents the highlights of that tour, and the results of collaborations between the organist and the composers: the music explores many facets of the possibilities for the combination, including fixed media sound and live electronics; explorations of space and acoustics; considerations of the history and tuning of the organ; and music with possibilities for performer flexibility and improvisation. Each composer takes a unique, but related, approach to the organ as an instrument, considering its sonic and acoustic, properties, and this is also reflected in the wide variety of approaches to electronic sound in the works. Whilst the combination of organ+electronics will not be a familiar one to all listeners, this CD offers 8 new perspectives on the organ that will nevertheless offer moments of familiarity. 

1. Grapefruits like to be squeezed in the dark

Tina Krekels

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2. The Unseeing Red Eye at the Lung's Heart

Huw Morgan

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3. Rearmost Odd

Michael Bonaventure

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4. Image, Music Text

Adam Fergler

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5. [Unnamed Maps Series]

Caroline Lucas

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6. "...rain of stars"

Alistair Zaldua

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7. entoptic landscape version 3

Lauren Redhead

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8. Diapason

Jesse Ronneau

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