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Daniel Grimwood


CHOPIN - 24 Preludes

Rachmaninov & Blumenfeld

Liszt - Double CD

Daniel Grimwood is a distinctive performer with an uncompromising approach to his music making. Guided by an unswerving love of music, and unshackled by convention, his commitment to great music regardless of its origin has led him to champion, alongside the standard repertoire, works by composers such as Blumenfeld, Stanchinsky, Tubin, Henselt and Medtner. As a polymath Daniel is frequently to be found performing on the harpsichord, playing the viola in Chamber Music with

his friends or composing at his writing desk. His innovative approach to programming has led to such projects as a performance at Falmouth Arts Gallery of the Aurora Borealis Sonata by Eduard Tubin accompanied on stage by an art work on the same subject which he invited his friend, the eminent painter Janet Lynch to create. A performance of Prokofiev's War Trilogy together with an exhibition of a quilt inspired by the music, designed by his sister Emma Grimwood and to be auctioned for the War Child charity, will also materialise soon.


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