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Timothy Roberts


Timothy Roberts was organist of His Majestys Sackbuts and Cornetts, 1990-2002, and principal keyboard of the Gabrieli Consort and Players, 1988-2007. He has been associated with Goetze & Gwynn in various ways: he made Radio 3 recordings on their restorations at St Lawrence Whitchurch and at Keddlestone Hall; has played their Italian-style large chamber organ on a number of CDs (Hyperion, DGG); and in 2005 recorded on the organ they had restored at the Convent of Santa Clara, Santiago de Compostela, the resulting CD (tramu.com) being praised by John Kitchen as 'a revelation and hugely enjoyable' (Early Music Today, June-July 2006).


Born in north London, Tim studied at Cambridge (piano lessons with Peter Feuchtwanger) and at the Guildhall School, London (harpsichord lessons from Christopher Kite and Jill Severs). His musical projects have included both the unfamiliar - such as clavichord recitals, and publications and recordings of newly edited English music of the 17th to 19th centuries - and the unexpected: for example, an acclaimed Bach Album (with HMSC, Hyperion) that consists mainly of transcripions of organ music.

Available on the sfz music label


John Blow and his pupils